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Our Company

We are an applied engineering company, located in Chile, focused in the development of innovative solutions to the energy, mining and general industry.

We have nine years of experience in the development of effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, delivering products and services that meet the most demanding standards of our customers.

Our team works with passion and professionalism in three areas:

Our Business Areas

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

• Development and Innovation of Products and Services.

• Investment projects with corporate and external financing (funding)

• Innovation Management


• Engineering and Assembly

• Maintenance Services

• Construction


• Calama Logistics Center

• Ash Processing Plant

Our Products and Services

  • Industrial services
  • Industrial assembly
  • Product development including vegetal compounds
  • Flushing of Hydraulic Systems
  • Drone and Laser topography
  • Logistics
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Business consulting about capital raising and business modeling for innovation projects
  • Recycled ash based building materials

Our projects

  • Pilot Plant Processor of Ashes, Engie (E-CL).
  • Design of Salt Duct Cleaning System, SQM.
  • Jellyfish Control Project), Stage I, Engie (E-CL), Mejillones.
  • Chemical Cleaning, Ducts Sulfuric Acid, Acid Plant, Chuquicamata.
  • Development of Vegetable Compound for use as an additive in Fertilizer, SQM.
  • Cleaning of acid pond, Puerto Angamos.
  • Civil Works Project VDF ehouse, LNG, Mejillones.
  • Miscellaneous Projects for improvements in facilities, GNL, Mejillones.
  • Cleaning and commissioning of steam lines, ENAP, Aconcagua.
  • Electric House Installation, GNL, Mejillones.
  • Chemical Cleaning of boiler, Termoesmeralda, Ecuador.
  • Cleaning drains, Casino Lomas Bayas.
  • Lime transfer for several clients.
  • Transport and logistics of demineralized water, SQM.
  • Engineering and Construction of Warehouse, Cobia SpA, Mejillones.
  • Design, Engineering and Construction, Sea Water Heating System, Cobia SpA, Mejillones.
  • Development of various works for Outotec, Roasting Plant, Chuquicamata.
  • Operational Improvement Works, Plant Algaefuels, Mejillones.

Operating in 4 continents

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary and highly specialized team that delivers to our clients all their experience and leading edge knowledge, to develop innovative solutions to the most diverse and complex problems.

The people who are part of BEJOS SpA, understand that time and resources are barriers that limit many companies to find answers to their engineering problems. For these reasons, our ideas and projects always consider solutions with a sense of urgency, maximum optimization of resources and the lowest environmental impact.

Our commitments are:

With Our Clients

We guarantee products and services of the highest quality, strict compliance of deadlines and minimization of costs.

With Our Team

For BEJOS SpA, the most valuable resource is people, so our goals always consider the promotion of safety and healthy work environments.

With our Environment

Prevent, control and mitigate the environmental impact are conditions that define and differentiate our products and services.

With our Safety

We promote the success of our projects through the development of a Preventive Culture, based on the leadership and commitment of each worker.

With our Community

We believe that our growth is intertwined with the development of the communities in which we operate, so we create alliances and drive initiatives to improve the quality of life of communities.

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